Summer Programs

K2 Equestrian Center Horseback Riding (Hayden)

Individual therapeutic horseback riding sessions to be scheduled at K2 Equestrian Center in Hayden Idaho.

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The Good Horse (Sandpoint)

Equine-Assisted Learning and Therapies

Equine sessions with P.A.T.H. certified instructor Clarie Honsinger designed to promote individual skills and identified personal goals.

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Creations Art Classes

Classes offering self expression by exploring a variety of art techniques and mediums.

Discovery Through Art: Tuesday at 9am (children and adults) $5/class with $25 (5 class punch card). Tuesday June 12th through July 31st.

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Sandpoint West Athletic Club Individual Swim Lesson

Individual swim lessons with SWAC Aquatic Staff.

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Sandpoint West Athletic Club Individual Personal Training Session

Individual personal training lessons with SWAC  Fitness Trainers.

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Minding Social Groups (Sandpoint)

Connect with others to learn social communication and self-regulation skills with Social Cognition Specialist Aarow Ellis.

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Music Conservatory of Sandpoint

An individual music session exploring self-expression using sound and instruments with Michelle Handy of MCS.

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