Team Autism 24/7 LegacyTeam_T424_Laughing_Dog
In 2011 an all men team competed in RAAM. A 3,000 mile non-stop race in 6 days 9 hours and 28 minutes. More importantly the team raised more than $25,000 above the cost of the race for autism. The majority of that money was resourced for Sandpoint to help local autism organizations improve the quality of life of families living with autism.Girls_2012_team__Small_

In 2012 Team Laughing Dog Racing for Autism competed in the Race Across America. It was a women’s team competing in the women’s open division. The Team’s goal was to build on the success of the 2011. The 2012 team consisted of Sandpoint locals Gina Pucci, Julie Nye, Arlene Cook and Kathi Crane.

laughingdog_t810_r810x405For both years, it was the outpouring of support from individuals, businesses, and the larger community that enabled these two teams to complete the race. In the process, both teams raised significant awareness and resources for autism. Out of these tremendous experiences was born the creation of Team Autism 24/7.

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